View of Edinburgh castle from Nelson Monument on Calton Hill.
From Nelson Monument you have a great view of Edinburgh. Scotts monument is located to the left and the castle is in the middle. The Nelson's Monument looks like an up-turned telescope. On the interior there is a circular stairway to the top where one can fully admire Princes Street. However, it does take some stamina to climb all stairs.

Calton Hill is one of the best vantage points in Edinburgh. Be it day or night, or even sunset, the view from up there is extraordinary.

If you walk all around the hill you have the most varied selection of views: Leith (the Docks), Firth of Forth, Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags. You can admire Holyrood Palace and Holyrood Abbey at the foot of Arthur's Seat as well as the New Scottish Parliament. The best view is that looking along Princes Street towards Edinburgh Castle.

The position of Calton Hill allows one to see all of the Edinburgh Centre. Looking from left to right: North Bridge, Old Town, Scottish Parliament, Ramsay Garden, Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street, and further to the right St. Andrew's Square. Calton Hill is also the best place for fireworks display in Edinburgh.

Situated on top of Calton Hill is Nelson's Monument and the Scottish National Monument dedicated to those who died in the Napoleonic Wars. Nelson's Monument commemorates the victory of Lord Nelson over the French and Spanish at the battle of Trafalgar. Why it was built in Scotland since Nelson was not Scottish I have no idea.

Calton Hill may not be as geologically impressive as Arthur's Seat, Salisbury Crags or the Castle Rock but it does stand out in Edinburgh's skyline through the number of monuments situated on top of it.

On Calton Hill you also find The National Monument. It was to become a Scottish equivalent of the Parthenon of Athens, but they ran out of money so the Monument was never finished. Some say that it's more charming than it would have been if it had been ever finished.